Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More on Iraqi WMD's

Nobody Has Laid a Glove on the WMD Conventional Wisdom

'm neither prophet nor genius on this stuff, and if I was catching on long before the current news cycles, so were lots of people. The driftwood is finally washing ashore, and soon everybody will be able to see... What happened? How could our side have believed so wrongly that Saddam's Iraq possessed WMD?

We do have enough evidence and detail coming in now to declare "mystery solved." The new mystery is why the politicians and the news media have been taking scant notice.

If what's being learned (evident in NewsMax postings and even elsewhere increasingly over the past three full weeks!) isn't news, well, what is? Even rumors about this should have gotten more notice than these facts got.

For the mainstream media, has the definition of news become 'only the bits that fit the ideological agenda'? Are raw facts off the menu?

By now, of course, you've heard of the verified audio tapes revealing Saddam Hussein in his palace meetings discussing his WMD and ways to hide evidence and smuggle them over the Syrian border in the period before the U.S. military came calling in earnest.

What? No! Don't tell me you haven't heard!

Right now, if I needn't say this to you, there are lots of people who do need to hear it from you. The truth is, a poll by the respected TIPP organization just one week ago showed that no more than twenty percent of the public is even aware of the existence of these tapes showing that prewar intelligence about Saddam's WMD was correct all along!

Again, the American public's perception of Iraq has been distorted by the liberal media.


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