Tuesday, November 16, 2004


I think we can all agree now that the Democratic party has been largely defeated in the last election, the real danger is the so called moderate Republicans. These RINOs (Republicans in name only) are leaching off of George W. Bush's popularity while not supporting him 100% on all issues. I think we should let them know how we feel - I've provided links to their websites and their contact pages or email.

A special not about Arnold Schwarzenegger (contact). Sure, he claims to be a Republican, but look at his position on social issues (abortion, stem cell research, gay rights, etc.) and it becomes clear he's really a Hollywood liberal in sheep's clothing.


At 1:37 PM, Blogger Screwy Hoolie said...

So...true republicans always do exactly what the president says? Bizarre idea. Sounds like unquestioning fealty to me. Democracy is set up to encourage the free exchange of ideas. Maybe if you don't like moderates in your ranks, they should come over to the tolerant side of the aisle...


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